Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 8 Response Chris Molicki

This article is about text messaging, and how it is helping the photography business grow. It uses digital photographs and location alert service. Liz Metcalfe has business that does this, and started from taking photos of windsurfers. The company is called Cape Sessions and has been able to get some pretty cool pictures. With the text message location alert service, it captures the names and cellphone numbers of windsurfers’ to a web form and stores these contact details in a phonebook database. When the wind and surf conditions look promising on a particular day, windsurfers who are subscribed to this location alert service receive a text message broadcasting Metcalfe’s location for the windsurfing photo shoot. That way they get the perfect photo shoot. It also helps if the windsurfers want the photos taken at a specific location. I think this is an interesting way to get good photos, and it shows how technology is immensely helping and effecting the way we do things. Especially for something as neat and difficult as windsurfing, text messaging is now enabling people to get their jobs done easier.

This article is about a Nature Photography exhibit in Stone Bluff Cellars Winery. They are by Ruby Loftin, who captured images of nature, rural America and historical architecture. She loves the images all around us in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, and countries like those. Stone Bluff Cellars tries to promote local artists and musicians throughout the year, in a variety of venues at the winery. Loftin is also a professional graphic designer with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Tulsa. She will also be selling her artwork at the exhibition. I think this article shows how unique some peoples’ views of good photos are. The ideas she has for her images are fascinating, and they probably deserve to be in an exhibit. I would be interested to take a look and see what the photos she ahs captured look like.


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