Thursday, October 30, 2008

Week 7 Response Chris Molicki

This article is about turning the new iphone into some sort if digital camera. It is such an amazing tool, but there have been complaints about the camera’s resolution, flashes, and other tools. So users have developed exciting ways to use the camera. When using the iphone camera, you can instantly share your photos with others. You can take great pictures with this phone and some can even receive one of the iphone photography awards. There are plenty of extra tools, such as Camera bag and magic touch are available to purchase and can improve certain aspects of this pictures you take. Photogene allows you to edit, crop, and add things to your photos. You can rotate the picture and adjust the color too. Another tool, Picoli, also allows you to adjust the color, brightness, and other parts of the picture. Photoboard, Collage, and Image Touch all let you take your pictures and arrange them in a sort of collage. I think this is a very interesting article that is a must read for any iphone owner, especially if you like taking pictures. These are cool applications that can make your photos more exciting. Its amazing how much the iphone can do, and with these applications, it expands their use and lets them do so much more.

This article is about Capital One holding and American Life Photo Contest. This is for pictures of people in everyday life. It includes amazing landscapes, sunsets, neighborhood landmarks, and even pets. Consumers can enter them and they will be voted for online. Winners will receive cash prizes and a meeting with the director of Newsweek Photography, Simon Barnett. He said photography is a great way to tell about a person and is interested to see the photos that people can come up with. I think this article is interesting and I would enjoy participating in one of these contests. They are simple and fun and would be a great hobby. Also, the prizes are very exciting and rewarding, if you were to win.

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