Thursday, December 11, 2008

Week 10 Response Chris Molicki

This article is about the Polaroid Company ending their production of instant film. It is stopping after six years of production. They say the film should still be available in 2009. Tracy Willis, a famous photographer who enjoys these types of photos, was against it. She said it makes the photo great because you can’t edit or delete anything. Others, such as the Burns family, remember when it was used on cross country road trips, and the intriguing photos they got. I think this is interesting why they would stop producing this when it is loved by so many. I would definitely enjoy taking photos like these. They would enable me to capture certain elements that I couldn’t with a camera that could fix everything.

This article is about a photography project that encouraged fourth grades to take photos of the environment in Whetstone Elementary School. There were many photos taken of flocks of geese, whether sitting, flying in their V formation, etc. All of the children said it enabled them to picture better what nature was like. This has inspired the students to continue taking photos, and instilled a love of the art in them. I think this is a fascinating article and shows great inspiration of photography in youngsters. It’s great how the art can find a home to the hearts of all ages, and how interested they were. It is a great thing to do, and they may become more and more dedicated to it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 9 Response Chris Molicki

This article is about Annie Leibovitz, and her photography career. In an early moment of her career, she went on assignment to Ike and Tina Turner's house. While she was there, she noticed vials of white powder and a system of cameras that allowed Ike to monitor what was going on in every room. She was a bit surprised and her photos wound up going public. That is when she decided to truly be a photographer, and not a writer. She also took a famous photo of Whoopi Goldberg in a bath of milk. She says the nature of her portraits depend on her subject. I think this is an interesting article that explains how a photographer got her start. It is an intriguing story showing how it happened. It also talks about cool pictures she has taken over her career, and I would definitely be interesting in seeing them and learning more.

This article is about a Fritz Henle Photography exhibition that opens up in February 2009. It celebrates Fritz Henle, and lands on his birthday. It ends in August and shows his work with his talents extending across genres of photography, including travel, fashion, commercial, portrait, journalistic, documentary, celebrity, industry, landscape and culture. He was a main contributor for life magazine. He is recognized for the clean and sharp elegance of his photos. I think this is good to honor this great photographer for what he did, and better that it’s on his birthday. I would be interested to see the exhibition because from what I read from the article, his work seems like something I would be fascinated by. So I would like to see for myself if his photos are truly amazing, and I would probably find that to be true.