Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week 3 Response Chris M.

Flickr is showing historic photographs to boost access is those areas of photos. Collections from the National Photography Collection will be available. The website also allows other to comment on the photo and add additional information. One of the first few photos is Peter Henry Emerson's 'Picture from Life in Fields and Fen' from 1887. The National Media Museum is where the pictures are being held. The National Photography Collection boasts around three million images and is known to feature work by British photographic inventor William Henry Fox Talbot, including the world's first negative. This is an interesting website that is expanding how everyone can view photos. It is also cool how people can leave comments and spread their information with others.

Holly Harrah captured 15 unique shots layered upon each other to form one giant, colorful NYC photo collage, on accident. She took them when she was going to visit a friend who she met on online and she was just meeting. It is called “Manhattan with Johnny,” and is currently on display. This is a funny story and ironic how she was able to get a good picture. It shows that great photos are not hard to find or create, and you just have to figure out the right way to capture them.

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